2017 Race Results

Race Timer’s Report for CBR 48/24/12/6H races: AIS, Canberra, 17-19 March 2017

Once again I have used the state of the art Race Result active timing chips to record close to 27,000 passes with great fidelity. The audit process is a long one but is over after more than a week and I am confident that the results are true and valid.

There were uniformly great performances across all the events with many personal bests set and a new Women’s Australian 12 Hour  record for W50 set by Tia Jones – smashing the old mark of 115.247K set by Pam Muston with a 128.289K effort.

The quality of results was once again very high with 10 runners/walkers above 50K in the 6H, 7 runners over 100K in the 12H, 4 runners above 200K in the 24H (and 9 above 100 miles), 5 runners above 300K in the 48H (and 7 above 250K).

Mick Thwaites second 48 Hour performance above 400K places him with the very elite: in Australia – only Yiannis Kouros has been over 400K twice and there are very few runners that have ever managed to do this in the world – which shows just how amazing this result is.

Thanks to all the runners, crews and volunteers for their participation and to Billy, Rhian, Paddy, Frank and Carinna for all of their help before, during and after the event.

Martin Fryer
FlyerUltra Race Timing and Coaching

31 March 2017