2016 Race Results

Race Timer’s Report for CBR 48/24/12/6H races: AIS, Canberra, 18-20 March 2016

It really was a great pleasure for me to be involved in the timing of this fantastic inaugural event. Congratulations to all participants for showing great courage and determination in chasing their personal goals.

The results achieved across the various events as a whole establish this event as World Class: several World Class distances were attained by some individuals but there were also a large number of participants attaining significant ultramarathon goals such as 100 miles, 200K, 300K etc. What follows is not a full race report but a brief summary of the result highlights.

In the 48 Hour Race, both Matt Eckford and Mick Thwaites posted large 24H split distances of 226.8 and 235.2K, respectively, with Mick continuing on to finish with a masterful 413K+, which is the best 48H distance attained in the world over the last 4 years or so and places him 3rd on the all-time Australian 48 Hour rankings.

Nikki Wynd’s determined and well- paced winning total of 343K+ was the best 48 Hour Women’s distance attained in the world this year and also established a new Australian Women’s Open 48 Hour record, surpassing the previous record of Sharon Scholz by about 10K.

Despite the fact that she cannot run anymore and can only walk due to early onset Parkinson’s disease, Linda Christison and her sister Heather walked almost 220K over the two days in their debut at a 48 Hour event, displaying great teamwork and solidarity for a fine end result.

Overall, in the 48H event, 4 runners exceeded 300K, 8 runners exceeded 250K and 16 runners surpassed 200K, which is a considerable achievement.

In the 24 Hour Race, Barry Loveday once again showed his strength and class, running almost 258K to give him 2nd on this year’s international rankings so far and a 5th place (to accompany his current 2nd place ranking) on the all-time Australian 24h list. In another stunning 24H result, Jess Baker ran over 230K on debut to top the World rankings this year so far and also move into 2nd place on the all-time Australian Women’s 24H rankings. The strength and consistency of her pacing is clearly evident in the Time Milestone report for the 24 Hour event which shows the distances achieved every 6H.

Overall, in the 24H event, 4 runners exceeded 200K and 13 runners exceeded 100 miles, which is truly remarkable.

Both Francesco Ciancio and Dion Finocchiaro smashed out a very solid first 50K before Dion went on to make his Australian 100K team qualifying time of 7h17, with Francesco hanging back to win the 12H race with just under 125K. Natasha Fraser was also successful in posting a Women’s Australian 100K team qualifying performance with a nicely paced 8h23.

Kerrie Bremner and John Pearson were worthy 6H race winners, with mountain runner Steve Appleby a close 2nd in the Men’s race. Meanwhile, walking legend Tim Erickson walked an impressive 51K+ with a speedy 50K split of 5h54.

Over 27,000 laps were recorded by the Race Result Active Chip System with zero missed passes, which is why I chose to use this gold standard for timing this event. Nonetheless, I have performed a careful audit over the last week to ensure that there were no aberrations in the results. The calculation of splits was complicated by the different Lane lengths for the 6H and 24H Run and all the Walkers and took quite some time to extract, so my apologies for the delay.

Full 2016 Race Results

The Results are also presented in PDF format in 14 documents as follows:

I would personally like to thank the Race organizing crew of Billy Pearce, Patrick Linsen, and Rhian Blackwell for superb organization as well as the amazing help from Cassandra from the Prostate Cancer Council of Australia and all of the other volunteers that made this event successful. Finally, I would like to thank Carinna Tong and Frank Hoeren for their awesome assistance with timing duties and administration and for allowing me to get a few hours of sleep each night.

Martin Fryer
FlyerUltra Race Timing and Coaching

26 March 2016