Newsletter CBR.48hr

Newsletter 4

Welcome to the fourth and final newsletter.

I must start with a correction from last week. I stated the turnaround was at the 200 metre point WRONG ! It is at the start finish. An announcement will be made each time so don’t worry about forgetting.

Registration for CBR.48hrPlease arrive in time to register within the REGISTRATION times.  These times are outlined on the website.


Please ensure you are also familiar with the RACE Rules on the website.
Link below.


With the exception of the 48hr athletes all races will be starting and finishing whilst other races are in progress, please be mindful of those around you when stopping abruptly.

The Finishing Protocol is on the website and will require cooperation from all to get accurate measurements and allow other races to continue smoothly.


A short briefing prior to each race start will advise you of the exact entry for your race to the track and the lane allocation.

The 48hr athletes are to be ready at 11:30 seated for a Welcome to Country, Speech, briefing and a minute’s silence. To allow time for this and last minute toilet stop, please be on time. Announcement will be made to remind you on the day.

Quick reminder – 48 Hour athletes
When registering, please do not forget to sign the two books we have as winners prizes. These books will serve as a great memento, to have a gripping read signed by all the competitors that pushed you on to the top of the podium.

Sydney 2000 Podiums

Award presentations will be promptly 30 minutes after the finish of each race. The presentation area and Sydney 2000 podiums will be used. Please bring a camera and let’s get lots of photos.Prizes will be awarded for best crew person and best volunteer, please nominate any one that you feel has gone the extra mile.  To nominate, see any of the Race Management team, or text to the race phone.

Please do make use of the massage and podiatry and talk with race medic Rhian early about any health concerns you have during your race.

Most importantly we want everyone to have the best time possible so let us know if there are any problems you or your crew are having and we will work with you to solve them quickly.

See you at the track!

Billy Pearce,
Race Director