Newsletter CBR.48hr

Newsletter 2

Welcome to the second of four newsletters you will be receiving over the next couple of weeks in the lead up to your race at the CBR 48hr which is now another week closer. Taper time!

We had lots of positive response to the first newsletter, much appreciated. Remember to let us know about record attempts or specific timing requirements.


In the Race Rules you will see the “active” chips the athletes will be wearing. These are extremely accurate and trusted. PLEASE remember to return them before going home.



Do we want to play music or the radio via the P.A. system? If yes for how long and when? We can also plug in iPods for set periods. Please let me know what you all think- contact me at



Read carefully and ensure you and your crew are familiar with them. Download the CBR.48hr Race Rules if you didn’t receive them via email.

The lane allocation and crewing zone are of particular importance. With camping in the centre and crewing either side of the 100metre straight I believe we will have a great community feel.

300 metres of the track is out of bounds for crewing.  To ensure any records that are set are done so within all the rules, we will enforcing a high standard of crewing compliance. We hope to see CBR 48 become the record breaking race of choice!


Registration starts at 3pm Thursday 17th March until 7pm track side.
Check the CBR.48hr website for other registration times prior to each race.
Feel free to come and check out the facilities before your event.
Gates open for camping at 9am on 18th March.

See you at the track!

Billy Pearce, Race Director