CBR.48hr - Canberra 48hr Race

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On this page we will show the timing and race information for the different race events; 48hr, 24hr, 12hr & 6hr.
The Final results have been audited by Martin Fryer from FlyerUltra for the timing officials.

2017 Race Tracker Results

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CBR48hr 85 Entrants Thank you
CBR48hr earlybird closes midnight tonight. Check out the participant list and you will have to come and join in.... https://t.co/wnAuHDNXLB
Early Bird entries close 27 October! Get in quick! https://t.co/bqzSNYcvst
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/JPFqlj5JTv
Great news for the CBR48hr https://t.co/SJKLUPMAWw
Brilliant work from Eliot and crew in the Blue Mountains!!! https://t.co/dfO2S9Zp1c
Getting breakfast ready for this 2017 The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Canberra... Glad to have an ongoing partnership again!