CBR.48hr - Canberra 48hr Race

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On this page we will show the timing and race information for the different race events; 48hr, 24hr, 12hr & 6hr.
The Final results have been audited by Martin Fryer from FlyerUltra for the timing officials.

2016 Race Tracker Results

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Race Tracker - KTKC presents the CBR 48hr Race, Canberra https://t.co/Up1pH3N9Tk
More videos and photos coming in from the weekend. Feel free to share them here. Thanks to William Barlow for... https://t.co/o3tbHT6b26
CBR48hr start!!! https://t.co/gUgR5jXKUn
Want to see another world record fall at the CBR48HR? Friday 13:15 at the track...... https://t.co/nWhDHoLijA
How’s your CBR training going? Awesome work from Kiltmam Keith! https://t.co/3kgLAqTq3R