CBR.48hr - Canberra 48hr Race

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On this page we will show the timing and race information for the different race events; 48hr, 24hr, 12hr & 6hr.
Final results are provisional until advised by Martin Fryer from FlyerUltra the timing officials.

2017 Race Tracker

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Awesome start to the morning from the Kilts Down Under team! https://t.co/FG947UCUCq
Just helping spread the word of our new friends! Based in Port Mac and Adelaide, Kilts Down Under are getting in... https://t.co/SJCgXZhpVF
If you're after a kilt, but don't want heavy wool... go for something different but just as comfortable! OzKilts https://t.co/45dsbtWGqL
Our very talented KTKC promoter in Katoomba https://t.co/ppEETsj5jX
Talk to your GP about seeing Universal Medical imaging in Canberra if you decide MRI investigation and... https://t.co/V9hZNbAJ2T