Participant List

48hr Race

Jevvan Mcphee - 48hr - Australia

Been quiet on the running circuit as I over come some personal issues and injuries

Tim Stone - 48hr - Australia

First 48 hour event.

Kieron Blackmore - 48hr - Australia

A new Australian (orig Irishman) who took to ultra running late in life.  After C2k and MDS, this will be the highlight of my running career 🙂

Nevin Spoljaric - 48hr - Australia

Started running in 2009 when completing a mile was an achievement.
Progressed to Sydney’s City2Surf, then half-marathons, a handful of marathons and my first 50k (Canberra, 2016) and trail 50k (Blue Mountains, 2016).
Always seeking new challenges!

Tony Wilms - 48hr - Australia

love a track run aiming to improve on last year

Sabina Hamaty - 48hr - Australia

I don’t get out of bed for less than 10 K (ha ha ha)

Neil Armstrong - 48hr - Australia

This is my first 48hr event. I have done a few 24hr events, some of which have ended up not so pretty!!

Margaret St Hill - 48hr - Australia

Casual jogger for life.

Mick Thwaites - 48hr - Australia

Coming back to experience this wonderful event again after having such a good time this year 🙂

Sarah-Jane Marshall - 48hr - Australia

I’m just an ordinary girl testing my limits 🙂

Nikki Wynd - 48hr - Australia

I absolutely loved this event in 2016 and are hoping to come back to run even further than I did last year, but more importantly to be out there sharing the track and enjoying myself with all the other amazing participants.

Tamyka Bell - 48hr - Australia

I ran the Adelaide 6-Day Race in 2014 with the giant robots, and I hope KTKC will offer 6-Day and 72-Hour options in future (but maybe not the giant robots).

John Timms - 48hr - Australia

I am now a cancer patient running to show people living with cancer can be fun.

Robbie Anderson - 48hr - Australia

My name is Robbie I live in Yeppoon Queensland.Running in the Anzac Ultra in 2015 was the best event I’ve done

Phil Essam - 48hr - Australia

Been involved with the sport for over 25 years ( competing, crewing, commentating, writing, Secretarying and Race Directoring ) .
This is my first multi – day race.
I’ll be walking and 100 miles is the aim.  Bring it on !

Michael Thompson - 48hr - Australia

This years race was a highlight.

Paul Mahoney - 48hr - Australia

Ran 212km at the inaugural Canberra 48-hour, and looking to go better…

Sam Weir - 48hr - Australia

I like running and have done okay at it.

Torill Fonn - 48hr - Sweden

Tricky one. There are so many to choose from!
My two best 48h performances in my home town Skövde, but in a way equally happy moments at my two 48h on Australian soil, Caboolture and Canberra.
Hoping for yet another great race!

Joy Walden - 48hr - Australia

I love running these awesome events with my daughter Jade Crim

Linda Christison - 48hr - Australia

I’m a former sub 3 marathoner now ultra walker, I’m determined to beat my 219 km from 2016.

Heather Christison - 48hr - Australia

Represented NSW in Road Cross Country and Marathon 3rd NSW Distance Runner of Year 1st point score for Track and Field inter club competition Sydney.
Part of Nsw team gold medal team Aust Championship 15km road various State medals for track and field and road and cross country but all a long time ago

Chung Fai Wu - 48hr - Hong Kong

24 Hour PB 217.5 km
Marathon PB 2:38

Scott Whiston - 48hr - Australia

Im an Underwater Welder who only started running this year.
I have completed a back to back trail marathon and now want to give this event a try.

Susan Keith - 48hr - Australia

This will be my first attempt at track but love new challenges and to show my kids to give everything a try

Rocco Smit - 48hr - Australia

I don’t like long runs…

David Billett - 48hr - Australia

48 Hour Personal best of 270.098, Caboolture 2008.
632.281km in 6 Days, Adelaide 2014.
34:48:36 Coast to Kosciuszko 2016.
Aiming to reach 200 miles (321.869km) in this race.

Scott Black - 48hr - Australia

46 year old construction worker
Took up running 5 1/2 years ago
Love is trail running.
Looking forward to running in this years Tahoe 200 !

Annabel Hepworth - 48hr - Australia

Too many to list

Sarah Barnett - 48hr - Australia

8 hrs is a new distance for me!!
I have concentrated on multiday events for the past twelve years, racing in Europe, America and Africa. Mostly six, and ten day races, and the 3100 mile race.
Each race has been special and unique, and a joyful and spiritual experience.

Wayne Botha - 48hr - NZ

Born in South Africa 1972.
Living in NZ since 2003.
NZ 24 hr rep since 2011.
World Records for 24hr barefoot 2013 (211.5km)
Fastest 100km barefoot 2015 (8hr 42 min)

24hr Race

Bayarkhuu Batbayar - 24hr - Australia

Sri Chinmoy 24 hour race Sydney, 174km. UTA 100km 12:24.

Colin Wiley - 24hr - Australia

Completed the Canberra 300km Anzac Legacy race.

Brendan Mason - 24hr - Australia

was good, got fat, now good again

George Mihalakellis - 24hr - Australia

Loves parkrun, ran 15 ultras in 2016 including alpine and c2k double .

Malcolm Gamble - 24hr - Australia

24 Hour PB: 231.8 kms , Steenbergen, the Netherlands 2013

Kevin Muller - 24hr - Australia

Won C2K 2016

Samantha Post - 24hr - Australia

I have been running for running for four years, and love it.
Some of my favourite events include:
2015 ANZAC Ultra 150 km
2014 Paris Marathon
2016 Alpine Challenge 60 km
2016 Taupo Ultra 74 km.

Sharon Scholz - 24hr - Australia

Rep Aus 6 times in 24hr running

Shaun Mulholland - 24hr - Australia


Kevin Heaton - 24hr - Australia

Finished 10 C2Ks in a row
Started all TNF100, UTA100
Very happy to be back running after my snapped patella & 100% rupture of the quad tendon during TNF100 2015

Ian Rowe - 24hr - Australia

Definite late starter to running, which hopefully means there’s a lot more to come!
Running highlight would be heading back to Caboutlure24 in August and getting last years’ monkey off my back with a 194km run.
Desperately want to go to C2K. Wait-listed in ’16.

Johnathon Morrison - 24hr - Australia

First 24 hr event.

Chris Bennett - 24hr - Australia

In 2016 I ran my first 50km, and paced my friend during the Canberra Trail Ultra

Billy Bridle - 24hr - Australia

Turned up to last year but was a sook and went home before starting

Trevor Allen - 24hr - Australia

2nd in Canberra 48hr 2016

Stephen Kiley - 24hr - Australia

Loved this event so much the first time, have to do it again.  This time, I’ll get the 100 miles!

Dean Meyer - 24hr - Australia

I am a previous multiple state cycling champion that transitioned into triathlon and found a love of running.
I enjoy the longer events so ultra running is ideal for me and im looking forward to my first 24 hour run in Canberra.

James Sylvester - 24hr - Australia

I’m going to make sure I train for this years event.

Cameron Gillies - 24hr - Australia

Canberra 24 2016 – 215km

Cheryl Symons - 24hr - Australia

over 200 marathons/ultras combined

Brett Easton - 24hr - Australia

C2K Baby!!  Of course, this event was pretty fantastic too.

12hr Race

John Pearson - 12hr - Australia

Looking forward to being in Canberra fit and well this year.

Jodie Oborne - 12hr - Australia

Australian Representative 100km WC – 2014, 2015, 24 hour WC – 2015, 2016.  Australian Record 100 miles 15:33:56

John Kilmartin - 12hr - Australia

Racewalking – best 12 hour 93.3km.
Aust, UK and Continental Centurion badges

Eddy Oba - 12hr - Australia

New to running since moving to Australia 2 years ago,  I did the 6 hour race last year and now it’s time to up the ante!

Lib Smith - 12hr - Australia

Ran last year and hope to improve on that performance!

Lorraine Stone - 12hr - Australia

None yet

Ian Hoad - 12hr - Australia

Nothing of interest

Matthew Eckford - 12hr - Australia

140km best for 12h

Tia Jones - 12hr - Australia

I ran my best 100km in Adelaide last year in 8.33 which qualified me to represent Australia in the 100km World Championships in Los Alcazares, Spain.

Vajira Weerasekera - 12hr - Australia

I’m running 500km to raise AUD100k to help build a palliative care hospital in Sri Lanka with (6 Nov 60km, Carcoar cup, 4 Dec California International marathon, 31 Dec Narrabeen all night marathon, 19 Feb Arizona Marathon & March 12H (these are some of the runs in the series so far)

Dan Symonds - 12hr - Australia

I’m keen to get back on the track in 2017 because I have some unfinished business, as I had to pull out due to injury last year.

Kathryn Mackinnon - 12hr - Canada

Having done triathlon for over 20 years, I’m going to the dark side and doing my first trail race on Australia Day, the 6 hr Knapsack Run in Glenbrook, NSW.
This will be my 2nd time attempting the 12 hr race at Canberra 48 hr.

Trent Blinco - 12hr - Australia

88km – 12hr (2016)
Finished Ultra Day ultra (100km) a month later

Ken Marsh - 12hr - Australia

Running ultras since 2001 12 hr best 107k 2005.
2016 CBR24hr – 166k
2016 GC100 – 11:53.

Nicole Barker - 12hr - Australia

My biggest highlight is being selected to run for Australia on the 24 hour team

Martin Pluss - 12hr - Australia

Running enables me to be useful and happy. As I get older I am enjoying running slower and longer in the company of good friends.

Isobel Ross - 12hr - Australia

I have run many ultra trail events. This is my first ultra track event!

Larissa Tichon - 12hr - Australia

Becoming a Christian in my first 24h

6hr Race

David Brelsford - 6hr - Australia

Most memorable was doing 419k in the Alaska 6 day in 2014

Ewan Horsburgh - 6hr - Australia

First 6hr but have raced a few 24hr races and even a 200mile trail race.

Karen Courtney - 6hr - Australia

Long time runner, first time venturing into a solo ultra event, having supported and crewed at many.

Sharon Da Silva - 6hr - Australia

Mother of two unsure of why I’ve actually decided to do the 6hr, however it’s gotten me out of having to do the housework today.
Running Highlights, Queenstown Marathon and the Capital to the Coast which eventually brought me to tears.
Never say never !

Tim Erickson - 6hr - Australia

Ultra walker and centurion, having walked 100 miles within 24 hours way back in 1976.

Sally Smit - 6hr - Australia

Ran 100kms last year
Completing my first and only triathlon in May 2017 – Port Macquarie Iron Man!
Supporting extraordinaire: Supporting my husband who’s doing the 48hrs – and of course i’ll be supporting other runners. 🙂

Paul Wright - 6hr - Australia

Just happy to be running around.

Amy Currie - 6hr - Australia

Play AFL. Running Boston Marathon

Doug Richards - 6hr - Australia

I love all kinds of running, especially trail running. For me it’s all about friendships, adventure and challenging yourself. It’s such a rewarding way of life.

Leonor Lawler - 6hr - Australia

Ran Marathon des Sables, MdS in 2014! Loved the Sahara

Suzie Moloney - 6hr - Australia

Still waiting for my running highlights!

Nick Klomp - 6hr - Australia

I’m still running…..

Kerry Smith - 6hr - Australia

Training with a bunch for the UTA in May

Shuji Iwasaki - 6hr - Australia

I am a temporary resident in Canberra and now a member of runners club here.  I hope this is a good practice for UTA in May.

Neil Angel - 6hr - Australia

I have completed two x 6 hour events before.  Sri Chinmoy in Adelaide in 2008, I completed 58.9km.   Then in 2011, I competed in the Carillion Fat Ass 6 hour event, and I completed 50km.

Jemma Angel - 6hr - Australia

Little to tell, entering this as a challenge to see if I can last the distance and to run/walk at times with my Dad, as he’s also competing.

Ewan Mckenzie - 6hr - Australia

Running highlights were completing my first 30km trail run and completing this 6hr ultra whilst training for the UTA 50.
I only took up running 18 months ago and love what it’s taught me about myself.

Melanie Marshall - 6hr - Australia

First marathon in 2014 followed by the KTKC 6hr last year.

Anthony Prykiel - 6hr - Australia

The 2017 KTKC 6hr will be my highlight

Scott Hammond - 6hr - Australia

Too Big, Too Slow but we will give it a go!

Belinda Essam - 6hr - Australia

Several 6 hour Races in the last couple of years.

Thach Huynh - 6hr - Australia

My greatest running races have been those where I have run with my kids

Gemma Worland - 6hr - Australia


Rick Patzold - Marathon - Australia

200th Marathon run at Gold Coast in 2016 (3:26:42)

Peter Thomson - Marathon - Australia

I want to run with Forrest Gump one day.

Chris Toyne - Marathon - Australia

More interested in ultras than the marathon these days, but this will be the perfect opportunity to run a fast marathon before I leave them behind forever! Best to date is 3:09, hoping to go 10 minutes faster…

Cheryl Symons - Marathon - Australia

Over 200 marathons/ultras combined

Mark Maloney - Marathon - Australia

Finishing marathons

Jeff Buxton - Marathon - Australia

70+ marathons to date

Timothy Horton - Marathon - Australia

I’ve run over 40 marathons including Boston 2015 and an ANZAC sweep of marathons.  PB 3:49:29 in 2014.

Daniel Wynd - Marathon - Australia

first 6 hour race

Michael Gentle - Marathon - Australia

Returning after long break, completed Narrabeen Allnighter in 2016 & 2017.

Karin Tappouras - Marathon - Australia

Now a 100 Marathon Club Member

Lydia Palmieri - Marathon - Australia

I have run 3 marathons and the last one was 3 months after having my second child. I am the executive assistant for Running Divas Australia.

Erica King - Marathon - Australia

I am the founder of Running Divas Australia.
I have run 12 marathons in 12 months in 2014.
I am running a marathon in each state in 2017 and am going to Boston to run the marathon with my friend and first women who ran a marathon Kathrine Switzer.

Anth Courtney - Marathon - Australia

I run like a man looking for the nearest open public toilet.

Glenn Lockwood - Marathon - Australia

I have run over 150 events of marathon distance or further.

Jane Trumper - Marathon - Australia

I’m slow

Peter Trumper - Marathon - Australia

My wife made me do it….

Matt Griggs - Marathon - Australia

2016 Australian 50km race walk champion.

Andrew Fedoruk - Marathon - Australia

Not much to tell – recreational runner – started running marathons in my 40s just to partner with a friend and have been doing them ever since!

Mel Sykes-Bridge - Marathon - Australia

A running mum that has completed 5km to 50km distances and recently ran through the 38 weeks of her second prenancy

Lisa Hussey - Marathon - Australia

Anzac ultra 454km finisher
50 + marathons

Craig Smith - Marathon - Australia

Always wanted to run a marathon on the track. Highlights would actually be hanging out with my heroes as they battle to milk each extra k out of their bodies in these crazy events.

Naomi Molineux - Marathon - Australia

Completed the city to surf for the first time last year and i’m keen to try a marathon.

Jay Reid - Marathon - Australia

Never run before

Richard Crane - Marathon - Australia

Working towards the UK 100 Marathon Club Membership.

Amanda Joford - Marathon - Australia

I’ve only run one marathon before, keen to do more

Nick Bukvic - Marathon - Australia

Sports Related

Raymond James - Marathon - Australia

Just getting to the start is sometimes the highlight topped off by crossing the finish line.