Raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

Sisters walk for important cause


TWO-DAY WALK: Linda and Heather Christison walked for 48 hours recently to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Linda and Heather Christison walked in the Canberra 48 Hour Race to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Read more

2016 CBR.48hr Endurance Race Champions

Australia’s Best 24 Hour Runners on Show at CBR48Hr

While being stuck running and walking on a 400m track for a very long time seems to present significant mental and physical obstacles, one of the great aspects is that you get to share your adventure in this little micro-city with a lot of different runners with a wide range of life and running experiences.

A notable feature of the CBR48 races is that new and relatively inexperienced competitors get to share the track with some of the very best track/road runners from Australia (and overseas).

CBR48Hr welcomes the following members of the Australian Men’s and Women’s 24 Hour Teams that are using this event as a great testing ground for their training and racing in preparation for the upcoming World 24 Hour Championships, which will be held on 1 July in Belfast, Ireland:

Australian 24H Men’s Team

  • Mick Thwaites – 48 Hour Race
  • Kevin Muller – 24 Hour Race
  • John Pearson – 12 Hour Race
  • Matthew Eckford – 12 Hour Race
  • Ewan Horsburgh – 6 Hour Race

Australian 24H Women’s Team

  • Nikki Wynd – 48 Hour Race
  • Sharon Scholz – 24 Hour Race
  • Jodie Oborne – 12 Hour Race
  • Nicole Barker – 12 Hour Race

All of these fine athletes are very humble, approachable and knowledgeable and we hope that you can have a chat with them at some stage (before, during or after the event) and also help to encourage their performances during the race and perhaps learn some tips and tricks from them along the way J.

Martin Fryer: High Performance Advisor: Australian 24 Hour Team (The Emus)
6 March 2017

Billy Pearce, Race Director

CBR.48hr Official 2017 AURA 48hr Australian Championship Event

AURA Announces CBR.48hr as Official 48hr Australian Championship Event


AURA is very pleased to be able to advise the events successful in securing AURA Australian Championships in 2017.

The Australian Championships next year are as follows:

  • 50km – Canberra 50 9th April
  • 100km – Gold Coast 100 11th June
  • 24 hr – Track Ultra WA 12th-13th August
  • 48hr – Canberra 48hr 17th- 19th March
  • Short Trail – Yurrebilla SA 24th September
  • Long Trail – Blackall QLD 21st October



Media – North Shore Times

Link to an Article in the North Shore Times – Jess Baker – 30/3/2016

Ultra-marathon champion sets world standard after running non-stop for 24 hours at CBR.48hr


Media – The Northern Daily Leader

Link to an Article in The Northern Daily Leader – Warren Wright – 22/3/2016



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Newsletter CBR.48hr

Newsletter 4

Welcome to the fourth and final newsletter.

I must start with a correction from last week. I stated the turnaround was at the 200 metre point WRONG ! It is at the start finish. An announcement will be made each time so don’t worry about forgetting. Read more